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The staff of the Forest Park Public Library works hard to keep up with the evolving needs of the community. The Library provides a number of services to help, but it is not enough.

With the increasing number of people experiencing homelessness, shelters and resources in the area are limited and hard to access from Forest Park.

The Library is not a social services agency, however, we are a public space that provides services to everyone. We brainstormed ways that the Library could bridge the gap in our services, and the Forest Park Cares Fund was created. This fund will help us provide items/services that are outside of what the Library can spend its budget on.

The Forest Park Cares Fund will:

  • Support the Comfort Cabinet and Little Free Pantry to provide items consistently
  • Provide money for community members in need to use the pay phone at the Library
  • Assist people with getting to shelters and other social service organizations on public transportation and through taxi services
  • Create laundry kits to help people wash their clothes at local laundromats

If you are able to support our fund, we would be very grateful. We know this fund will not solve the many problems we are facing in the world. But we do believe it will help our community in small but important ways.

You can donate by clicking on the Donate Here button below or you can stop at the Info Desk with cash, check or a credit card.


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