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Voter Information

Suburban voters can check on their registration status, polling places, and more through Your Voter Information tool.

Use your Voter Information Tool to:

  • Verify your voter registration
  • Find your polling place
  • See your sample ballot, when available
  • See a list of your elected officials and their contact information
  • Check your mail ballot status

You can also find voter information through the Illinois State Board of Elections.

Register to Vote

To register to vote, you must be:

  1. A US citizen.
  2. At least 18 years old by the election.
  3. A resident of your precinct at least 30 days prior to Election Day.

You also must display two pieces of identification. The IDs do not have to be a photo ID, but one must include your current address.

  1. Online 

If you have an Illinois driver’s license or state ID, you may register online through the Illinois State Board of Elections website.

  1. Paper 

If you do not have a driver’s license or state ID, fill out a form, sign and mail it in.

     English Spanish
     Hindi Chinese
     Korean Polish
  1. In Person 

Eligible suburban Cook County residents can also register to vote in person with a certified registrar by going to:

For voter information in Chicago and the rest of Illinois visit the Illinois State Board of Elections.

Vote By Mail

All Illinois voters are eligible to apply to vote by mail. Voters do not need to provide an excuse or reason why they select voting by mail. Make sure you are registered or your registration is up-to-date first and then apply to vote by mail.

Read about how to vote by mail and apply online.

Things to Know

  • Mail in Ballots can be surrendered at in person voting if you change your mind and decide to vote in person.
  • Mail in Ballots need postage, however, the USPS will deliver even if there is no postage.
  • Drop Boxes will be available at Early Voting sites around Cook County. Click here for locations.
  • More Info Here and here.


Key Dates for the November 5, 2024 Election



Oct 8   Voter registration closes for deputy registrars and local election officials
 Oct 20   Last day to register to vote by online application
  Oct 21   First day of early voting
 Oct 31   Last day to request a mail ballot, including military and overseas voters
  Nov 4   Last day of early voting
  Last day mail ballots can be postmarked
  Nov 5   Election Day

For more information on key dates and elections stages, visit the Cook County Clerk website.

Early Voting

For the November 5 election, Early Voting starts October 21 and runs through November.

Early Voting locations and hours can be found here.

What do you need to Early Vote?
Voters do not need to provide an excuse or reason why they cannot vote on Election Day.

Government-issued photo ID is not required but is helpful if there is a question about the voter’s registration, address or signature. Providing an ID can also speed up the process because of ID card readers at every check-in station.

You can register to vote at ALL Early Vote Sites. NOTE: Any voter who needs to register for the first time or file an address change must present two forms of ID, one of which shows the voter’s current address.

More Information on Judges

  • Ballotready : Its ballot simulation method includes a section of Judicial Candidates that will give you access to a BAR ASSOCIATION EVALUATION and a summary of candidate experience.
  • : The Alliance of Bar Associations includes 12 bar associations that work collaboratively to evaluate judicial candidates, but publish independent recommendations.  The website is sponsored by the Committee to Elect Qualified Judges, a political action committee dedicated to informed judicial voting.

For An Informed Electorate

Ballotopia: A hub for state political coverage of elections, policies, and more. Aggregates and links to original sources content from candidate’s websites, social media, endorsers and board of elections.
C-SPAN Video Library: Historical content such as debates, speeches, and rallies. Accuracy of candidate statements.
Federal Election Commission: Campaign spending reports filed by House and Presidential campaigns, Parties, and PACs.
League of Women Voters: Information about candidates and key issues. Campaign finance laws and who is donating to whom. Background, views, votes, and campaign contributors for current office holders.

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