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Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees generally meets at 7 pm on the third Monday of each month.
Meetings are held in the Conference Room on the main level and are open to the public.


Karen Childs, President – Term ends May 2021
Ayanna Brown – Term ends May 2024
Brooke Sievers, Secretary – Term ends May 2026
Lin Beribak, Treasurer – Term ends May 2023
James Pekoll, Trustee – Term ends May 2024
Keary Bramwell, Trustee – Term ends May 2024

Board of Trustee Policy Manual & Bylaws


The library has three standing committees whose current membership is below:


Karen Childs, Board, Chair
Keary Bramwell, Board
Ayanna Brown, Board
Pilar Shaker, Director
Skye Lavin, Staff


Lin Beribak, Board, Chair
James Pekoll, Board
Deb Harris, Staff
Claudia Corzine, Staff
Pilar Shaker, Director
David Waltz, Community Member


Karen Childs, Board, Chair
Brooke Sievers, Board
Susan Farnum, Staff
Rafal Radomski, Staff
Pilar Shaker, Director