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Robots and Coding

The library offers coding and gaming programs at least once a quarter. Kids can also experiment with early coding by practicing with our Wonder Workshop robots and Ozobot Evo bots.  Ask for a test drive or check out a kit and take them home. Robots check out for three weeks and are eligible for auto-renewal.  Dot and Dash work with all Wonder Workshop apps which are available for free through the Apple Store and Google Play. Our Ozobots work with the free Evo by Ozobot app which is also available both places.
Are you a parent who is concerned about screen time? Younger children can still get in pre-coding skill practice through our screen-free coding activity sets which are available by request at the Youth Services desk.

Mathematics Support and Enrichment

Take home our Math Center activity kit, or explore our selection of math-themed Playaway Launchpads. Our Playaway Launchpads come in sturdy, rubberized cases and are pre-loaded with a variety of games to make learning fun.
For younger learners, we support the connection between early numeracy skills and early literacy by offering a math-themed storytime series at least once a year. Check in with our Calendar of Events for upcoming offerings.


Additionally, the library carries a variety of print materials to support math exploration and achievement including the EnVision Math workbooks for Grades K-5. These are the math workbooks currently used by Forest Park School District 91.

3D Printing at the Library

The library owns a Dremel 3D40 printer which we use for programs and demonstrations.  Because we want to be mindful of environmental impact, we use a biodegradable filament derived from cornstarch and soybeans.

We now offer 3D printing classes and labs for middle graders and young adults.  Please check the Calendar of Events for upcoming opportunities.  Anyone interested in learning more about what kinds of projects may be possible may want to check out Thingiverse or Tinkercad to see work shared by other creators.

Snap Circuits

If your child has ever taken something apart to figure out how it works, you might be seeing the signs of a natural tinkerer! Channel this curiosity in a safe way through exploration of the library’s Snap Circuits Motion and 3D Illumination sets. These sets serve as a fun and approachable introduction to electrical engineering. They allow kids to construct workable gadgets and learn circuit construction and design. Snap Circuits can be checked out with a library card or used in-house upon request at the Youth Services desk.

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