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At FPPL, we value community and want to provide services that build on our strong community. The Seed Library fits with our priorities of equity, sustainability, and community engagement. We want to wish you happy gardening!

How does it work?

Browse the drawers to see the available seeds. We have four drawers, one for each category of seeds: Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs and Flowers. When you find what you want, you can just take the envelope! Please note that the seeds have been measured out to small planting portions and are labeled with an approximate quantity.

Please use the Seed Library binder to mark which seeds and the number of envelopes of each you have taken. We ask you only take what you can reasonably use or share, and leave some for others. If you have questions about what or how to plant, check out the Seed Library resources below or ask a librarian at the Info Desk.

How to donate seeds?

When it’s time to harvest your seeds, we’ll be happy to take back some seeds to add to the Seed Library for future use. We take seeds that fall into our four categories: fruits, vegetables, herbs, or flowers. Bring your donation to the Info Desk. Please be sure to label the seeds and fill out the seed donation form in the Seed Library binder to help us organize the seeds. If you know the specific variety, this helps us create care instructions.

Where is it located?

The Seed Library can be found against the back (east) wall of the Library, in the computer commons of the Social Zone. Look for the two index card cabinets near the Library History display cabinet.

Seed & Community Resources

Questions or Suggestions? Stop by the Info Desk or email us at

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