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Local Newspaper

The Forest Park Review archives go back to 1917. Every newspaper is fully searchable by date and keyword.


Historical Artifacts

For many years the library was the custodian of various historical artifacts recovered during construction projects in Forest Park. The available documentation surrounding this unique collection has been gathered in a series of pdf documents: Artifacts Binder 1 | Artifacts Binder 2 | Articacts Binder 3

Roos Cedar Chests

To the best of our knowledge, there is no publicly available reference that gives years of manufacture by model number or serial number. Please contact an antique dealer to determine the age or value of Roos cedar chests. Here is a collection of information on the company (PDF, 10MB), which was in business from 1916 – 1951.

Historical Society of Forest Park

The Historical Society Forest Park was founded in 1975. It includes a Research Center and Archives, special events, and exhibits created for the purposes of “collecting and preserving the rich heritage of Forest Park. For more information, email or visit

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