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Choosing Reservation Date/Time

  • Go to the Spaces landing page
  • Enter time range and select date, then click “Search for Space.”

Filtering Reservation Options

You may narrow the list of available rooms by editing the time range and/or date:

  • Time range can be edited at the top of the screen, either by clicking and editing the time text displayed at the top of the screen, or by click and dragging either end of the slider bar to alter the time length of the reservation.
  • Date can be changed by accessing the “Date” tab and select the day in view.
  • Only available rooms will appear. The rooms’ seating capacity is displayed, as well as availability.
  • Existing reservations are represented by red conflict bars. Light red indicates availability, dark red indicates unavailability.
  • The rooms’ seating capacity is displayed, as well as availability.

Selecting a Reservation

To choose a room reservation, click the “Pick Me!” button that corresponds with the room of choice.

To complete the reservation request, you must create, then login with a Spaces account

  • If you need to create an account for the first time, the select “Create an Account Now”, step through the prompts to create a new account, and complete the reservation request.
  • If you have a login, enter the email address and password into the login area.

After logging in with your account, the reservation can be completed by filling out the reservation form:

  • Enter a purpose for which you intend to use the room.
  • Choose an organization affiliated with your account from the organization drop-down menu. If there is no organization affiliated with the request, choose, “No Organization” from the drop-down.
  • You can also request to create a new organization by choosing the “Create Organization” link. Note: new organizations must be approved by staff before they are available as an optional organization from the drop-down list.
  • Select the “Continue” button to continue to the Request Summary.
  • Click on the “Select Reservation” button to complete the reservation request process.
  • After the reservation is submitted, you will receive a notice that your reservation is pending approval and you will be directed to the account details page.
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