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The Youth Services department has volunteer opportunities for kids 10+. They can be long-term volunteers who come in regularly to fulfill school service hours, temporary volunteers who want to help with the occasional library program, or anything in-between. 

If you would like to volunteer but need accessibility accommodations we can work with you and your abilities to find a good match for you.

Examples of regular volunteer tasks:

  • Assist Youth Services staff with programs (keeping time, distributing materials, etc.)
  • Assemble Make-and-Take Kits
  • Organize board books and DVDs
  • Assist with craft supplies inventory
  • Help with displays and peer reader recommendations
  • Participate in Middle Grade Advisory Group (starting mid-September)

Volunteer responsibilities:

  • The volunteer is responsible for signing themselves in and out.
  • Cell phone use is prohibited during volunteer time except in emergencies.
  • Headphones should not be used during volunteer time unless approved by a staff member.
  • Socializing is not appropriate during volunteer time.
  • A volunteer is always respectful of staff members and peers.
  • Always call as soon as you know if you will not be able to come when scheduled.
  • If a volunteer does not fulfill their responsibilities, feedback will be given. If the correction is not made or the volunteer repeatedly violates the responsibilities, they may not be called to volunteer again. 

You can fill out the YS Volunteer Application form in person, have it emailed to you (though the volunteer needs to turn it in at the library), or complete this Google Form.

If you have any questions, you can contact Angie Sanchez, the YS Volunteer Coordinator, at

If you’re interested in non-library volunteer opportunities that you can do solo or as a family, check this list:

Remote Volunteer Opportunities & Ideas

Senior Citizens/Homebound Individuals/Neighborhood

  • Run errands/do contactless delivery for groceries, medicine, meals, etc.
  • Volunteer to do general home maintenance (cut grass, rake leaves, shovel walkway, etc.)
  • Volunteer to regularly read books or newspapers over the phone to those who are visually impaired.
  • Become someone’s pen pal
  • Gather combs, toothbrushes, shampoo, razors, etc. to make “I Care” kits for people who are experiencing homelessness.


  • Promote adoptable pets on social media
  • Gather newspapers and give to a local animal shelter to line their floors.
  • Offer dog-walking services to those who can’t give their pets the proper amount of exercise.
  • Start a Chow Drive for the community to donate food and toys to a local shelter. You can organize with a sign up, and ask people to leave their items on doorsteps for you to pick up.


Sites (not all these sites mention if they’re accepting volunteers due to COVID, so please make sure to do your research): (16+)

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