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Display content from your DVD player, laptop, iPad, and USB drives in large format on projector screens, indoor and outdoor walls with this multimedia projector.


  • Model: APEMAN LC350
  • Max Display size of 180″ 
  • Multiple compatibility HDMI (laptop, dvd player), USB (flash drive, memory stick), SD card, VGA (laptop), AV (digital camera, camcorder)
  • iPad/ iPhone wired connection compatible with iOS only with included adapter 
  • Headphone jack
  • Built-in speakers


  • Projector ($80)
  • Power Cable ($5)
  • HDMI Cable ($10)
  • Lightning Digital AV Adapter for iPad, iPhone ($15) 
  • RCA 3-in-1 AV Cable ($5)
  • Extension cord ($15)
  • Case ($18)


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Setting Up

  • Press home button on projector
  • Press the right arrow to select input (USB, SD Card, HDMI, AV, or VGA).

Tips and Notes:

  • As reference, for a screen size of 65”, place the projector at about 6 ft from the screen.
  • For wireless connection to Android and iOS, a Miracast/Dongle (not included) is needed and the source device requires a Screen Mirroring/Screen Casting function.
  • For all home projectors, the screen edge is not as clear as the center. It will perform the best under a relatively dark environment.
  • Does not support Dolby sound. If there is no sound when playing videos like Netflix. Please turn off Dolby sound on your connected devices or apps.
  • The USB port only supports USB flash drive, it does not support data transfer.
  • Note on auxiliary speakers:
    • The projector does not support Bluetooth (wireless connection). To connect an auxiliary-enabled speaker plug one end of the included auxiliary cable to the speaker and the other end to the projector’s headphone jack. 
    • Turn on the speaker.

More Help

Need more help with the Projector? Contact the Adult Services department at 708-689-6125 or for assistance.

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