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The library is a place that is accessible, inclusive, and open to everyone. Our collections, programs, and mission are intended to be relevant to all members of our community regardless of age, sex, race, national/ethnic origin, religion, economic status, political views, sexual orientation, gender identity, or citizen status.

We believe in the open exchange of ideas and freedom of speech. We do not condone behavior that threatens the safety of another or supports bigotry, sexism, or racism.

Everyone deserves to feel they belong and that they have a voice. At the Forest Park Public Library, you will always be respected and welcomed because we all live here.

Code of Conduct

Library patrons are expected to act with consideration for other people using the library and for staff who are providing service. Conduct within the library or on library grounds that hinders patrons from using the library or library materials is considered obstructive. Conduct that results or may result in harming people or property, or that interferes with staff providing service or performing their duties is considered disruptive.

Without limitation, examples of disruptive behavior include:

  • Disruptive noise or conduct

  • Failure to observe posted notices

  • Smoking within the library or anywhere on library property

  • Possession of illegal drugs or controlled substances, consumption of alcoholic beverage and/or public intoxication

  • Improper parking

  • Intimidation of, and/or unwelcome remarks to other patrons or staff

  • Willful disregard of circulation or other service rules, or failure to observe a reasonable verbal instruction from a member of the staff

  • Bathing and/or extended sleeping

  • Theft or vandalism of library property or the property of other patrons

  • Use of the rest rooms as laundry facilities, bathing facilities, or gathering places

  • Failure to wear proper attire, including shoes and shirts

  • Bodily hygiene which is so offensive as to cause a nuisance to others acts of vandalism, theft, substance abuse, verbal, or physical abuse or other more serious offenses will be reported to the police.

The Library Director is authorized to suspend service or ban a patron for up to one year. Restrictions for longer periods must be approved by the Board. Notices of suspension may be given verbally but will be  accompanied by a written notice to the person, parent, or responsible adult that describes the offending behavior. The Library Director will meet with the patron to discuss the facts and circumstances prior to suspending library privileges or will provide a written description and give the patron the opportunity to contact the Library Director prior to the suspension going into effect.

Any patron banned from the premises may file a written request for reinstatement to the Library Board within one week after having been banned. The Board will review the request in a timely manner and    render a decision. The decision of the Library Board if final.

The Parental Responsibilities Policy has more details on what the library requires concerning accountability for children while they use the library.

For complete Library Policies, click here.