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The library is a place that is accessible, inclusive, and open to everyone. Our collections, programs, and mission are intended to be relevant to all members of our community regardless of age, sex, race, national/ethnic origin, religion, economic status, political views, sexual orientation, gender identity, or citizen status.

We believe in the open exchange of ideas and freedom of speech. We do not condone behavior that threatens the safety of another or supports bigotry, sexism, or racism.

Everyone deserves to feel they belong and that they have a voice. At the Forest Park Public Library, you will always be respected and welcomed because we all live here.

Code of Conduct

We want everyone who visits Forest Park Public Library to have an enjoyable experience. We ask your help in keeping it
a pleasant, safe place to spend time. Please help us with the following:

In public areas:
Conduct yourself in a safe and legal manner while visiting the library. Be considerate of others. Any conduct that may be
reasonably considered disruptive, obstructive to others, unsafe or illegal is not allowed.

• Speak no louder than a normal conversational tone, and use polite language.
• Turn off the ringer on your cell phone and its earpiece, refrain from using the speaker phone option.
• Listen to portable audio devices and audio content so that only you can hear them.
• Keep the entrances, aisles, and lobbies clear. The outside area, including our bench, is for short term use only.
• Bicycles must be left at our rack. Unattended bicycles left elsewhere on library property may be locked at the rack with a library bike lock when available.
• You are responsible for your personal property while at the library.
• Service animals are the only animals allowed in the library. Animals may not be left unattended on library property including being tied outside.
• Keep food or tobacco products in a closed container. Consume food items in compliance with the Library’s Food in the Library Policy.
• Bring only nonalcoholic beverages into the library, and keep them in covered containers.
• Avoid giving offense to others due to your personal hygiene. If personal smells impede the use of the facility by other patrons or staff, you will be asked to address the issue prior to returning.
• Keep your shirt and shoes on and wear proper attire at all times. Breastfeeding with or without a cover is a protected right in any of our public spaces in accordance with Illinois law.
• Avoid extended sleeping or sleeping that disrupts use of the facility by other patrons.
• Smoking is not allowed on library property. Use of vaporizers/vape pens is prohibited inside the library.

At our computers:
• Use headphones for audio content.
• We prohibit the viewing of material that violates federal, state, or local laws or regulations, including those regarding accessing, viewing, printing, and distributing child pornography.
• Patrons viewing content that causes disturbance to others or creates a hostile environment for others may be asked to cease viewing such content and may be asked to leave the library for the day if viewing persists.

In our public restroom facilities:
• Use our restrooms courteously, with the comfort of others in mind.
• Restrooms are for general public use; it is not appropriate to bathe or wash personal items. Smoking is prohibited.

Children and parental responsibilities:
• Any child under the age of eight (8) must be supervised by a responsible person at least fourteen (14) years old while using the library. The child(ren) must be within eyesight of the responsible adult at all times.
• The Parental Responsibilities Policy has more details on what we require concerning accountability for your children while they use the library.
• In the case of minors, consequences for violating the Code of Conduct may include any of the following: dismissal from the library; phone call or written warning to parents or guardians; suspension of library privileges, with a service option; suspension of library privileges.

Failure to comply with one or more of the Library’s established policies may result in suspension of your library privileges. If this happens, you will receive written notice informing you of the period of suspension and the reason(s) for which it is being imposed. You may appeal a suspension in writing to the Board of Trustees, not later than its next regularly scheduled meeting following the date of the written notice of suspension. You will serve any period of suspension, pending action by the Board of Trustees on your appeal. The Library is prepared to seek other remedies under the law, including prosecution, as necessary.

For complete Library Policies, click here.