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Get a boost of light with this therapy lamp that delivers bright light at up to 10,000 lux to sharpen concentration and improve energy levels. It provides four light brightness levels and three color temperature options to enhance user comfort.


  • Model: Miroco MI-CL003
  • The light therapy lamp delivers bright light at up to 10,000 lux 
  • UV Free LED-No light pollution, no radiation, lasts longer than fluorescent bulbs
  • 3 Brightness Modes
  • Built-In timer from 10-60 min in 10 minute intervals
  • Compact size with foldable bracket fits next to your laptop, on the kitchen counter, on your cubicle desk, and more.


  • Lamp ($34)
  • Power Adapter ($13)
  • Case ($16)
  • User Guide


User guide is included in the case.

1) Turn it on: Place the light on the stand, set up in a convenient location like a desk or table top and turn it on.

2) Adjust: Find a comfortable distance where you are facing the lamp, but not look directly into it.

3) When adjusting the brightness, use a low brightness level for a period of 10 minute at first use.

Long press any button for 1.5s to cancel timing function

More Help

Need more help with the Light Therapy Lamp? Contact the Adult Services department at 708-689-6125 or for assistance.

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