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Our building is ADA compliant. Find out more below about the services, tools, and resources we have to make our library more accessible. If you have questions about any of the services below, email us at or call the library at 708-366-7171 for assistance. website

  • Accessibility tool features
    • Change text size
    • Greyscale
    • High contrast and negative contrast
    • Light background
    • Underline links
    • Readable font


  • 1 accessible space off Jackson Blvd.
  • Accessible ramp on Jackson Blvd. side
  • 1 on-street accessible space on DesPlaines in front of main entrance

Inside the Building

Main Floor

  • Each bathroom has an accessible stall and automated door
  • Public computers are equipped with
    • Magnifier, large text, and high contrast settings
    • Microsoft Word has speech-to-text (dictation) and text-to-speech features
    • High contrast keyboards available at some computers

Info Desk

  • Visual communication menu (A picture-based aid to help with asking questions or telling a staff member a message.)
  • Magnifier with light
  • Assortment of reading glasses
  • Over-ear headphones
  • Disposable earplugs
  • Tablet with live captions app (Google Live Transcribe)

Self-serve scan and fax station

  • Magnifier
  • Screen narrator with adjustable volume
  • High contrast setting


  • Large display text on touch screen

Self Check-Out

  • Adjustable text size
  • High contrast

Young Adult Lounge

  • Dimmable lights
  • Comfort cabinet items available for self-soothing, including 
    • Noise-suppressing headphones 
    • Fidget objects 
    • Weighted plush
  • Wellness items
    • Yoga ball seat
    • Yoga mats
    • Playdoh and Legos for tactile stimulation

Study area with less noise

  • Study rooms
    • Study Room 1 is a designated accessible room
  • Quiet room

Lower level 

  • Elevator to the lower level is across from the Info Desk on the main floor
  • Each bathroom has an accessible stall
  • Single-stall bathroom (ask for key at Youth Services desk)

Youth Services

  • Visual communication menu (a picture-based aid to help with asking questions or telling a staff member a message) available at service desk
  • Adjustable lighting in the playroom, Program Room, and Austin Room
  • Computers are equipped with
    • Magnifier, large text, and high contrast settings
    • Microsoft Word has speech-to-text (dictation) and text-to-speech features
  • Self Check-Out
    • Adjustable text size
    • High contrast
  • Comfort Kit available for in-house use including:
    • Wobble cushion
    • Blue light-filtering glasses in child and adult sizes
    • Calming tubes
    • Fidgets
    • Noise-muffling headphones
    • Weighted lap blanket
    • White noise machine
    • Weighted aromatherapy plush
    • Kaleidoscope
  • Quiet room designated during large or high-stimulus programs
    • Adjustable lights in Austin Room


  • Microphones and small portable speakers available for in-person programs
  • Live captions available on virtual Zoom programs
  • ASL interpreter available for programs upon request, 2 weeks in advance of program date. Email

Home Delivery

Community Resources

  • Progress Center: 7521 Madison Street, Forest Park, IL | Phone: 708-209-1500 | Email: 
    • Non-profit serving suburban Cook County to provide people with disabilities with tools and resources to be independent in their own homes.
    • Services include: training on independent living skills, peer counseling, education, and referral to other resources and organizations.
  • L’Arche: 7313 Madison Street, Forest Park, IL | Phone: 708-660-1600 | Email: 
    • Non-profit for adults with intellectual disabilities
    • Services include: communal residential homes, professional, civic, social and spiritual support for members 
  • Empowering Gardens: 7736 W. Madison Street, Forest Park, IL | Phone: 708-689-8332 | Email: 
    • Non-profit providing people who have a broad range of disabilities with meaningful, long-term career-oriented, employment opportunities in a gardening store
  • Chicago Lighthouse: 1850 W. Roosevelt Road, Chicago, IL | Phone: 312-997-3686 
    • The Chicago Lighthouse provides vision rehabilitation services, education, employment opportunities and assistive technology for people of all ages who are blind or vision-impaired.
  • Talking Book Resource Center at Harold Washington Library Center: 5th Floor North, 400 S. State Street, Chicago, IL | Phone: 800-757-4654 or 312-747-4001
    • Provides materials in audio or braille in English, Spanish, and other languages.
    • American Sign Language assistance through tablet devices and webcams for one-on-one conversations. 
    • Assistive technology workstations including. Dragon Speech Recognition, JAWS, Fusion, Kurzweil 3000, and many more.
    • Braille Books on Demand by application
  • The Answer Inc.: 7600 Roosevelt Road, Forest Park, IL | Phone: 708-296-5651 | Email: 
    • Non-profit dedicated to providing support, resources, education, recreation, and advocacy for families in the greater Chicago area that are challenged with supporting family members with Autism & Developmental Disorders.
    • Services include: support groups, 24/7 hotline for counseling services, Individualized Education Plan (IEP) support, community education, recreational activities, and advocacy.
  • Pop Pediatric Therapy: 7421 Madison Street, Forest Park, IL | Email: 
    • “Power of Play” therapy support for neurodivergent children and families.
    • Services include: occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, mental health therapy.
  • Opportunity Knocks: 8020 Madison Street, River Forest, IL | Phone: 708-771-6159 | Email: 
    • Non-profit supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live, work, learn, grow and connect within their community.
    • Services include: Day programs, evening activities, supported employment, independent living, wellness programs.
  • Collaboration for Early Childhood: 171 S. Oak park Ave., Unit B, Oak Park, IL | Phone: 708-613-6122 | Email: 
    • Non-profit organization creating a network of local organizations, early childhood educators, caregivers, and health providers to support children ages 0-5 years.
    • Services include: early learning, health & development, family engagement, and community engagement.

Accessibility Updates

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