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The Forest Park Public Library will be undergoing a construction project this fall. The anticipated start date is September 19. This project will include:

  • New elevator including controls
  • New lighting and ceiling tiles on lower level including the stairwells, Austin Room, main Youth Services area, maintenance room, programming rooms, and staff office
  • Minor work on the lower level including upgrading door hardware and replacing the old faux-wood panels between the Youth Services Study Rooms.
  • Window treatments and repairs on the main level
  • New lighting and ceiling tiles on the main level
  • New front doors (main doors and interior main sliders)

The project will be in two phases. During Phase 1, the lower level will be closed off completely. We anticipate this phase to begin in September 19. Phase 2 will see the lower level reopened and parts of the main level closed to the public. Phase 2 is scheduled to begin in November but the exact timeline will depend on how smoothly Phase 1 goes. The entire project is scheduled to be completed in December assuming we do not run into unanticipated delays.

Services Affected by the Construction Project

  • The elevator will be unavailable during Phase 1.
  • Patrons will not be allowed on any part of the lower level for any reason during Phase 1, including to use the copier or restrooms.
  • Study Rooms will be unavailable beginning Friday, September 9 .
  • The Community Room will be unavailable beginning August 26.
  • The Quiet Room will not be available beginning Thursday, September 15.
  • Book donations will not be accepted beginning Friday, September 9.
  • The ongoing Book Sale will be paused beginning Friday, September 9.
  • The accessible parking spot on the Jackson Blvd side of the building will be unavailable beginning September 19.
  • The drinking fountain will be unavailable during Phase 1.


During Phase 2, the main level will have limited space available. The Info Desk, the Commons, the Young Adult Lounge, and the computers and copy machine behind the Info Desk will all be available. The stacks, hold shelves, study room, Quiet Room, and much of the seating on the main level will be unavailable. 

We know this is an inconvenience but this phase should last much shorter than Phase 1. We anticipate being done before Thanksgiving.

Q & A

Can I still use a computer?
Yes, the desktop computers behind the Info Desk will still be available for public use. 

Is faxing, scanning, printing, and copying available?
Yes, the Fax/Scan machine and the copy machine will be available. 

Are the study rooms available?
The study rooms will remain unavailable until the end of Phase 2. 

Can I still browse for library materials?
We will have a small collection available for browsing in the Community Room. All materials from the Youth Services collection will be available to browse and check out on the lower level. 

Where can I pick up my holds?
The hold shelf will be moved to the Community Room. Pick up your items there and take them to the self check kiosk or the Info Desk to check out. 

How can I get library materials that are blocked by construction?
To get items blocked by construction, place holds for specific titles. You can place a hold online, by phone or ask at the Info Desk. The Community Room will have some titles available. All materials from the Youth Services collection will be available to browse and check out on the lower level. 

Is the lower level still closed?
No, the lower level is open except for the Austin Room, lower level study rooms, and YS Activity Room.

Will the YA Lounge be open?
Yes, the Young Adult Lounge will be open during Phase 2 of the construction project. 

Do you have an exact timeline for when things will close/change/end?
As we all know, construction projects can be difficult to keep on a specific schedule. We will be updating the community regularly on our website, social media, e-newsletter, as well as within the building. We know this is an inconvenience but this phase should be much shorter than Phase 1. We anticipate being done before Thanksgiving.

Didn’t you just complete a renovation project?
It seems like it but it’s been three years since our 2019 renovation project began. During that project, we handled some big things (see more here) but there were still some smaller but important updates to be made. Our plan was always to go back to update lighting, the elevator, etc. in a few years.

How is this project being paid for?
We are using existing capital improvement funds that were saved for these purposes. We will not be asking the community for additional funding to support these upgrades.

Will there be Library programs during the construction project?
Yes, we have a lot of fun things planned this fall for the community. This includes in–person and virtual events for all ages. Please go to to see the full calendar.

Will the construction project be noisy/smelly, etc.?
This project is different from the last one. While all construction comes with a certain amount of discomfort, we do not expect a huge amount of disruption or smell during this process as we will not be doing significant painting, floor/carpet work, or significant demolition.

We are thankful for your patience and flexibility.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at

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