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After some delay, the Forest Park Public Library patio project will happen the first week in August. During our renovation project in 2019/2020, we were not able to take on all the projects we wanted, including a patio on the Des Plaines side of the building. We went to bid on this project twice in 2021 and the pricing was just too high for us to take on. However, we have scaled back the project scope and come up with a plan that makes it doable this year. It will not include the originally planned fence and intricate landscaping designs at this point. We hope to be able to add these features later.


Fencing and landscaping will be different but the size and shape of the patio is correct.

Things to Know

Will the patio construction cause any issues for Library service?

All work will be done in the front of the Library. We do not anticipate any disruptions to Library services. The crew will put up signage and barricades as necessary if the sidewalk needs to be avoided but the library entrance shouldn’t be affected.

What does the Library intend to use the patio for?

Nothing is set, but we have thought about doing some outdoor programs on the patio as well as providing outdoor seating.

Does the Library have plans to update landscaping?

Yes, while we don’t have a specific plan right now we are working with the Garden Club of Forest Park to put together a landscaping plan that will be executed by their group as a community volunteer project. This work will likely happen in the fall and spring.


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