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Ideas to Keep Your Family Entertained Inside the House

Although books, ebooks, and audiobooks can’t be beat, you may be feeling restless. Here are some ideas to get you started. Most of these can be adaptable to a wide-range of ages with a little creativity.

  1. Try our upcoming DIY window paint tutorial on FPPL TV and brighten up your windows
  2. Check out Dav Pilkey at Home and challenge your family to a draw-off of Dog Man characters.
  3. Look up public art and murals in your area and take a field trip in the car to see them.
  4. Cook or bake together as a family
  5. Have a family dance party using a Spotify list 
  6. Work together to make a short stop-motion movie using toys or LEGOs.
  7. Build your own kite.
  8. Create your own ‘Drive-in” for family movie night with the kids using cardboard boxes or laundry baskets.
  9. Start a family journal or scrapbook
  10. See what instruments you can put together using things you have around the house and then stage your own parade or concert around the house.
  11. Write letters or make drawings for relatives or friends who may be feeling isolated or lonely during this time.
  12. Collaborate on telling a story. 
  13. Teach the kids to knit (finger knitting is a great entry point for younger kids)
  14. Play secret agent and experiment with codes and ciphers.
  15. Take advantage of the sunshine and plant something (even if it’s just in your window). Short on seeds? Try planting an avocado pit or a bean and see if you can get it to sprout.
  16. Try to re-enact these Minute-to-Win-It challenges
  17. Have the kids sketch out or write out an idea for a video game level on paper to get them to think outside the (X)Box. Bonus points: use something like the Bloxels app to make it a reality!
  18. Brainstorm as a family for some way (even small ways) you might be able to share your appreciation for community health workers or lend a hand to neighbors and community members who may be struggling.
  19. Have a family storytime over Zoom with relatives you haven’t been able to see.

Other Resources
Coping Strategies and Resources for Parents and Kids from the Child Mind Institute


Things to Do



  • Performer Justin Roberts’ “Stuck at Home” page with music, crafts, and free downloadables
  • Istvan and His Imaginary Band, one of our library favorites, recently shared content from his latest project, Evie, the Queen of the Insects. Check it out.
  • Jim Gill launched an interactive sing-and-read-along project. Take a look!

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